Saturday, June 11, 2011

A very, VERY special delivery!

I just HAD to post about the package I recieved in the mail this week! It starts with an email ... a reply ... from one of my favourite, and most inspirational authors. She returned MY email!!!!!
O.M.G. =) And it just gets better from here .... ;)

   A few months ago, I decided to write to an author who was someone very, very inspirational to me, Marya Hornbacher. It took a lot of guts. I do suffer from a few forms of mental illness and Marya is an INCREDIBLE speaker on behalf of the silent. She has helped me in more ways then anyone can know, her books bring you inside the mind of the reader and actually help you to understand what is going on up there ;) Thank you Marya for doing what you do, and doing it SO damn well :) xo NOTHING and I mean nothing made sence until I read Madness. <3

   So as stated, I recieved a package. She had sent me out 3 of her books (the ones I didn't own) and 2 of them were SIGNED!!!!!!!! I was in shock and tears and can't thank her enough for such a kind gesture that made me smile more then I have in a long, long time <3  Here are the books she sent me:


And her AMAZING fiction novel!!!!!

   Thank you again Marya for being SO very kind <3 I cant wait to dive into your books and only hope to be as half and good as a writer as you one day ;-) God bless, and stay happy and healthy <3

   Please take a minute to check out Marya Hornbacher and her work at:

A little bit about Marya's next book :) :) :)

        Love you Marya - you are tough, you are strong, you are YOU and I thank you for that!!!! <3

   Loves! - Amanda <3 

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