Friday, June 10, 2011

My upcoming advance copies and reviews!

 Ok I gotta boogie ;) lol I have 2 seperate advance copies to get to within the new few days as both will be released soon. They are both from! They are as follows:

The Thirteen ~ Susie Moloney (On Sale 06/07/2011)


Never Knowing ~ Chevy Stevens (On Sale July 2011)

   So that is what I will be up to reading in the next little while *although I am sneaking in Sing you Home ~ Jodi Picoult on the side hehe* I really, REALLY want to get to Water for Elephants too ... soon.
Too many books, not enough time! So lots of reviews to come! =)

   Hope you are all well and loving the book(s) you are into right now <3 Oh! And FINALLY enjoying some warmer weather :) :) :)

- Talk soon! Amanda <3

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