Saturday, June 4, 2011

A 'lil about me & why I call myself the advanced copy queen ;-)


   My name is Amanda! I am 29 (Now 31) years old, out of Canada eh?!? This is my very first blog (lol so bare with me!) I have been off work for some time now due to medical reasons and surgery & I am going CrAzY with boredom :P

    I take sanctuary in my books and my writing <3 Since I have been off, as I am on a limited income, I have been entering any and all book contests I possibly can! I have been on a roll so far with an AMAZING site called and have won 3 books so far! :D One of which has been released, however the other 2 are advanced copies! All of which to read and write a review... ahhhh heaven! Both my passions rolled into one ;-) *DING* Then the light bulb went off. I want to do this a lot.. and I mean A LOT more ;) As an inspiring writer, all I could do is learn and for the writer - who's beautiful work of art has just come to light, what an incredible process to share! I became an incredibly fast and bright reader at a VERY early age - even in kindergarten I would read stories to the other children! It is said we all have our talents ... maybe its time for mine to kick in ;-) (Ok ok call me crazy now :P)

   Anyways, this blog will mostly be my book reviews. reviews of books that I SIMPLY MUST read *hehehe* and maybe, just maybe a sample or two of my own personal writing :D 

   If you are an author and would like me to do an advance copy review of your book, please don't hesitate to ask! I am open to most genres, will be honest and open, and promote, promote, promote (trust me .. when I am in love with something you never ever hear the end of it LOL) 

   Thank you all for reading and I am looking forward to my first blogging experience :D 
                                       (I promise to keep up! lol) 

         Loves! - Amanda <3  

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