Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just a quick note to let you all know, I have create a Facebook Page also for Advancecopyqueen!

Hope you will join me there for updates and all things reviews!

- A

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ready to start reading again :D

Ready to read ANYTHING :)
Just a misfit with no e-reader :(
If u can provide the hard copy, I can provide the review! *Took a wee break after my mom and husband passed away, but ready to share my talents <3 xxo
Hope to chat soon :)
Also thinking of starting up book-tube, you tube book review channel <3 Could benefit us both :D

- A

Saturday, July 23, 2011

REVIEW: Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens


As my first time reading reading one of Chevy Stevens' novels, I am an INSTANT fan :) 
Never Knowing was an amazing thriller told in an incredibly enthralling fashion from start to finish! I couldn’t put the book down! From beginning to end I could see the book as a film on the big screen!
A must read for thriller fans! 
**Also, as a Canadian it was neat to see the Canadian references!**

Never Knowing - Chevy Stevens - My Personal Rating 4.5 out of 5 (Awesome!!)
Release: July 2011     ISBN: 978-0-312-59568-5

Sarah Gallagher is a woman of my own age, knowing that she was adopted and after years of wondering who her birth parents are, she decides its time to take action and hire a private investigator to get some answers. The answers she receives are shocking and unexpected… her birth father is a serial killer; still alive, never to be caught.

Word gets out, after Sarah attempts to meet her birth mother and soon enough the Internet is booming the story – getting the word to Sarah’s birth father, the killer in him emerges again and a very deep mind game with his daughter begins with lives at stake.

What is Sarah willing to do to protect herself, her family and stop the man who is her birth father/serial killer? How far will she go? You will be shocked! I sure was…

Check out Chevy Stevens!!!

Breaking my Promises - I have not Blogged in a month!!! :(

Hey everyone who tunes in :D

   I’m sorry I broke my my promise from blog #1 about staying on top of the blogging, and I could think of a million reasons and excuses why, but here we are ;-) Happy Summer!! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine <3

   A bit of a catch up on my readings, I have been doing some reading on self help/medical issues (but won’t bore you with those details ) but have recently finished the AMAZING thriller “Never Knowing” by such a talented author Shevy Stevens (review to follow!) Loved!!!

   I have 2 more new Advanced Readers Copies (one arrived and one on the way – booooo Canada Post the first one mailed to me was STOLEN Yup. Delivered an empty envelope. VERY unhappy with them!) but back to topic, 2 more to read that I am super excited about!

·        With just one click – Amanda Strong

·        The Summer of Permanent Wants - Jamieson Findlay

   I am still working on reading “The Thirteen” by Susan Moloney which I hope I can get through this week and post a review for you guys! Much different story then the last few I have read :/

       So wish I could win the lotto, move to an island and read alll day! :)
    No more breaking promises, I’m making blogging MY time (and yours!)

   Love, hugs & Wishes for super sunny days =)

   - Amanda <3

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exciting Book-Finding Weekend/Hurry up and READ!!! :)

   Hey everyone!
   I have to apologize for not making it on in the past week or so (lots on the go on the personal front!) I decided to check in, see how you are??? and to tell you my exciting book finding deals this weekend! *Yeah*

   First of all, remember my book shelf ramble?? Welllll .... the neighbours across the street had a big moving sale this weekend ;-)  They had a BEAUTIFUL wooden bookshelf with angled corners, over 6 foot tall ... super super nice :D So I watched it. And I watched it. LOL Today it was out on the lawn today again. I watched some more. hahaha (I am now a bookshelf stalker :P) So they started to pack everything up around 2pm and I went over to talk to them. I cut a deal and got the shelf! =) I had my brother and boyfriend carry it back to the apartment... only to find out it was TOO TALL for my room (or the apartment really, I had a feeling it may be too tall :( ) So its now on the living room floor LOL :) Thankfully, my brother is a carpenter and we are going to be able to do something this week to make it fit :D I will have to find a way to post my sad before and my wonderful after bookshelf pics ;-) 

   I was also able to find 6 books to add to my collection! (A few I had on my list of "books-to-find"!!!) 

  • - Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay
  • - The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards 
  • - The Color of Water by James McBride
  • - The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kid 
  • - The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  • - A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini 

   As much as I would love to dive into these books, they have to wait, wait, wait as I have 2 books on the go as you know that are advance copies! I am waiting to truly "get into" the one book but I don't want to give it any negatives before benefit of the doubt ;) Some of the BEST books I was hemmmming and hawwwwing at the beginning and then crying or wanting to read it allll over again towards the end LOL Thus the phrase, "Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover". So True in so many ways :D

   Have also been doing a lot of personal writing these days! Hummmm have to work up the nerve to share - it maybe taken in a weird, strange way lol ;)

   So that's my news, Hoping to have a new review up in the next few days and heading off to my lounge chair to read, read, read =)

  Love, Hugs, and Book-Deals =)

- A <3

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A very, VERY special delivery!

I just HAD to post about the package I recieved in the mail this week! It starts with an email ... a reply ... from one of my favourite, and most inspirational authors. She returned MY email!!!!!
O.M.G. =) And it just gets better from here .... ;)

   A few months ago, I decided to write to an author who was someone very, very inspirational to me, Marya Hornbacher. It took a lot of guts. I do suffer from a few forms of mental illness and Marya is an INCREDIBLE speaker on behalf of the silent. She has helped me in more ways then anyone can know, her books bring you inside the mind of the reader and actually help you to understand what is going on up there ;) Thank you Marya for doing what you do, and doing it SO damn well :) xo NOTHING and I mean nothing made sence until I read Madness. <3

   So as stated, I recieved a package. She had sent me out 3 of her books (the ones I didn't own) and 2 of them were SIGNED!!!!!!!! I was in shock and tears and can't thank her enough for such a kind gesture that made me smile more then I have in a long, long time <3  Here are the books she sent me:


And her AMAZING fiction novel!!!!!

   Thank you again Marya for being SO very kind <3 I cant wait to dive into your books and only hope to be as half and good as a writer as you one day ;-) God bless, and stay happy and healthy <3

   Please take a minute to check out Marya Hornbacher and her work at:

A little bit about Marya's next book :) :) :)

        Love you Marya - you are tough, you are strong, you are YOU and I thank you for that!!!! <3

   Loves! - Amanda <3 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bookshelf Ramble =)

   I have been thinking for days now about how I hate having one tiny bookshelf (that really isn't meant to be a bookshelf lol) and I can never just SEE all of my books in my collection at once. This drives me NUTS! There are books in boxes, books in closets, books at my parents house even books in reusable bags behind doors?!?! Oh no. Time to get this collection controlled :) I am always on the look out for books. At garage sales, used item stores, used book stores, online classifieds... I am building an AMAZING collection - all to be hidden away.

   Ok so with the space given in my little appartment I do have to settle. Someday when I win the lotto I shall have something similar to these (humor me here! :D ) hahaha but honestly I just dream of this!

(Dog too!!! Not too sure about the colour co-ordination however?! lol)

(A ladder, Oh a Ladder .... Love this so much! Space, space, space!)

   But due to the settling factor *takes a pin and "pops" the fantasy library, space and organization dreams* I shall be settling for this beauty from Ikea (If all measurements work out):

Hummmm.... lol classy ;-) I am very excited though this is going to allow me to display SOOOO many more books! (And maybe, just maybe buy some more for the collection :D )

I'd love to see or hear from you what your dream/fantasy/library/book nook would look like :) 

   - Peace, love and bookshelves! Amanda