Thursday, June 9, 2011

REVIEW: The Girl's Guide to Homelessness by Brianna Karp

Hey all :) I would like to make my first review of "The Girl's Guide to Homelessness" by Brianna Karp!

This was a WONDERFUL win that I possibly wouldn't have spotted otherwise! I am so thankful it was "sent" to me ;-) I simply couldnt put the book down! Well Done Brianna!! <3

This book is available for purchase already (Not an advanced copy to me)
Published April 26th 2011 by Harlequin        ISBN 0373892357 (ISBN13: 9780373892358)

 I would like to rate this book 4.8 out of 5 :)

It all started with a blog ...

   Brianna, like others has had to deal with a lot of abuse, heartbreak, struggles and pain - to me, its how she goes about telling her story that pulls readers in as if they were living the story itself. Her inner strength and determination in each situation faced cause her to be in charge of her life - dispite its situation!

   With a strong Jehovah's Witness upbringing, the beginning of the book explains much of the religion. I found this very interesting. Brianna was different and didnt want to live life following the "rules" of the faith and so with little hesitation, she was disregarded by the Johovah's Witness religion completly.

   When Brianna's estranged father passes away, she inherits an old trailer - however not known at the time this trailer turns out to be something a lot more to Brianna later down the road. When things become so abusive at home, she takes the leap to move the trailer to a Wal Mart, becoming homeless. Not running water, no electricity, no bathroom. So many things we take for granted everyday, gone in a heartbeat. Just her and dog... but she was free, she had escaped the abuse. Although, now had to learn life in a different way; she does some amazing things to do so in cutting costs, finding resources,  learning trust, and life outside the JW religion!

   The story has many twists and turns as Brianna's life continues on, new jobs and losses, love and heartbreak, doors opening and doors closing. I dont want to say much more because I want YOU to read the book ;) hehehe

   I think this is only the beginning of  Brianna Karp, I cant wait to see what she does next!

You Go Girl! =)

- Until next time :) Amanda

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I saw it in the store today too (Yeah Bri!!!!)

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