Saturday, July 23, 2011

Breaking my Promises - I have not Blogged in a month!!! :(

Hey everyone who tunes in :D

   I’m sorry I broke my my promise from blog #1 about staying on top of the blogging, and I could think of a million reasons and excuses why, but here we are ;-) Happy Summer!! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine <3

   A bit of a catch up on my readings, I have been doing some reading on self help/medical issues (but won’t bore you with those details ) but have recently finished the AMAZING thriller “Never Knowing” by such a talented author Shevy Stevens (review to follow!) Loved!!!

   I have 2 more new Advanced Readers Copies (one arrived and one on the way – booooo Canada Post the first one mailed to me was STOLEN Yup. Delivered an empty envelope. VERY unhappy with them!) but back to topic, 2 more to read that I am super excited about!

·        With just one click – Amanda Strong

·        The Summer of Permanent Wants - Jamieson Findlay

   I am still working on reading “The Thirteen” by Susan Moloney which I hope I can get through this week and post a review for you guys! Much different story then the last few I have read :/

       So wish I could win the lotto, move to an island and read alll day! :)
    No more breaking promises, I’m making blogging MY time (and yours!)

   Love, hugs & Wishes for super sunny days =)

   - Amanda <3

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  1. OmG - I have played and played with the formatting on this one blog and just cant get it right no matter how hard I try :( I am new to this remember ;-) LmAo Sorry it looks silly but ah well! hehe

    Thanks for reading!!! <3